Rotating Seat Cushion

$19.99 $30
Color: Black

Product Description

  • Providing Smooth:Easy movement in either direction the swivet cushion rotates a full 360 degrees.exit or enter any seat without straining your back or hips by twisting and pivoting.

  • Backed With A Textured:Non-Slip Material,the contoured swivel seat base stays securely in place while the cushion freely rotates with your bady.

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  • Provides pressure relief for back and hips while seated.The swivel seat is constructed with a resilient, contoured foam, reduce hip and back strain.

  • Ideal for seats with a flat surface , Use the lightweight and portable swivel seat at the office , In the car , and at home . Great for those with limited mobility , the comfortable rotating cushion is backed with a nonslip , textured material to reduce unwanted movement.


  • 40 x 52 x 3 cm

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