About Us:

janhair is an online based company that offers an exclusive line of trending high quality products at incredibly affordable prices. We go above and beyond to make each and every one of our customers' shopping experience a delight.From home good products to beauty and health gear, to clothing and electronics, you can find a wide variety of goodies that will inspire you to live your best life.Our headquarters are located in North Miami Beach FL. However, our warehouses currently ship from six different locations worldwide: U.S, United Kingdom, Australia, China, New Zealand and Singapore.

Most of our online presence can be found on instagram.We have gained over 70,000 actively engaged followers in just this short time since our launch.our instagram page houses a vist collection of customers,influencers,promoters and fellow retailers involved with our steady rise to the top. 

Our team spends hours each week to share the best of the best inspiring content online with our fans. We believe that there is way too much inspiring and amazing content out there not to share it with the world, and so janhair was born.

Out of that model we reached out further still to our customers by launching an online retail store that brings together all the best ideas to inspire your life!
Fun, Practical & Inspiring Products!
Today, we not only bring you fun and lovable posts on social media, but we also bring you fun, inspiring and innovative products at an affordable price.


If you are intersted in becoming apart of the team as a promoter,model,or influencer,or have any general inquiries do not hesitate to contact us.

And always...

Be a life star.

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Our Mission:

janhair's mission and core values revolve around utter customer satisfaction and exceptional customer service. We have an "open door" policy, and encourage our customers to inquire about any of our featured products.

Contact Us:

Email us at: service@janhair.com ( Please allow 24 to 48 hours for an agent to respond )


Company Name:Middle Bridge Ltd

Company Address: Endeavour House 3rd Floor, Coopers End Road, Sta

nsted, CM24 1SJ, United Kingdom